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About Margaret


Thanks for visiting. I serve the Omaha and Monterey Bay areas. Contact me directly at 636-445-2098.

My goal is to help eliminate the stress of portrait sessions and events. I do this by clearly communicating with you and guiding you through the entire process–from helping you decide  what to wear to eliciting natural smiles and comfortable posing in the studio or on location. But it doesn't end there. I will guide you through the ordering process during the reveal session where you will see your fabulous images projected using  your very own  walls in your home. I will help you design your wall collections, signature albums and holiday and graduation greeting cards.  I will take great care of you and your loved ones!

I want you to smile every time you glance up at your custom wall art or  page through your keepsake albums. These images will become some of your most prized possessions. But they are also your gift to the next generation.  Think about that. You are continuing your legacy. I can help make sure they are worthy of you.

I am a member of Professional Photographers of America. 

My love of photography has challenged me to perfect my lighting for dramatic portraiture work, develop graphic design work for composites and page layouts and kept my video shooting and editing skills in check. I was one of the first women to earn an FAA Part 107 certification which allows me to fly drones for commercial purposes. I love to create content.

Visit my Facebook page and Instagram site to see my latest work. (PS...those kiddos with Santa in the background are my triplet nieces. Poor things are always pressed into service. It's tough being a niece with an aunt who is a photographer!)



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