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I take my safety and health of myself and my clients very seriously.

As long as we are in this pandemic, I will wear a mask at all times and do my best to safely keep a distance of six feet at all times. 

Small businesses are adapting to the new way of doing things in this environment. 

I am always happy to meet up with my clients via phone, text, email or a Zoom call to make it easier to connect. Please don't hesitate to reach out with your questions or needs.

Please read the following for both of our protection:

Client is hereby notified and agrees that:

1. While the State of Missouri or outside this state  has eased or eliminated various COVID-19 based restrictions on businesses, the conduct and performance of the services being provided by Margaret Wolf Photograph are subject to those rules in place at the time the photography services are to be performed.

2. Based upon the scope of the social distancing restrictions in place at the time of the photography services, certain aspects of the photographer/client interaction may be altered by necessity.

3. Client and all members of Client’s party agree to abide by the social distancing measures in force at the time of their session or event. Client and members of Client’s party explicitly agree and understand that failure to adhere to such social distancing measures places them at increased risk of COVID-19 exposure or transmission.

WAIVER 4. Client and members of Client’s party assume all risks associated with potential COVID-19 transmission or exposure in relation to the photography services being provided and accept sole responsibility for an illness, injury, damages, claims or expense arising therefrom regardless of the identity of the person alleged to be at fault for such transmission or exposure.

5. As consideration for this waiver, Margaret Wolf Photography agrees to waive any liability or claim against Client or members of Client’s party for COVID-19 transmission or exposure.

6. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Waivers contained in Sections 4 and 5 of this Notice and Waiver shall not be interpreted to prohibit actions or claims against persons who knowingly participate in the photography services while exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or who knowingly participate while having an active COVID-19 infection.

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